Farmington Green is a subdivision of 339 homes located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  We enjoy a community within the City of Farmington Hills and all the benefits and services the city has to offer.  Our subdivision is a well established and diverse community with over 35 acres of parks and commons areas, walking paths, a playground and play scape, a soccer field, baseball diamond and three ponds along with the wildlife.
The Farmington Green Homeowners Association, through a contracted property management company, oversees the management of our subdivision and day-to-day operations.  The board consists of volunteer homeowners and meets monthly (except in December).  Any homeowner is welcome to attend our board meetings which are normally scheduled for the second Monday of each month.  Our meeting location is the Farmington Community Library located on Twelve Mile Rd.  Meetings are at 7:00pm in one of the second floor conference rooms.

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Recent News

This week our new pond aeration system was installed in the Drake Rd. pond (West pond).  This system replaces the fountain that was previously installed.  The fountains have exceeded their useful lifespan and repair costs are excessively high.  The aeration system has six diffuser plates spaced throughout the bottom of the pond which will aerate the water far better than the single fountain.  This solution will be combined with an environmentally friendly bacteria treatment starting in the spring to reduce muck buildup in the pond, reduce the nutrient load, and lead to better control of algae and water quality.

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